THERA-Trainer senso

Highly efficient for improving mental and physical performance. Especially for seniors and patients with increased risk of falls or dementia.

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Why cognitive-motor training?

Every targeted movement results from a complex interplay between sensory stimuli and motor executions. Due to illness, accident or aging processes, this sensitive regulatory circuit in the central nervous system is disturbed.

The perfect interaction

The latest scientific findings show that the combination of movement and thinking tasks is far superior to purely physical training.

Strength, endurance, balance, postural control, reaction and step speed can be trained in a fun way.

There is an increase in focus, attention and coordination. For a safe and purposeful action in everyday life.

THERA-Trainer senso

The popular training device

The new THERA-Trainer senso is extremely popular. With patients and therapists. Thanks to its ease of use and the wide range of applications and training options in clinics and practices.

Easy operation and quick setup in less than 2 minutes.

15 scientifically validated training programs for more motivation and maximum training success.

Management software for accurate training planning and evaluation. Validated assessments for findings and progress monitoring.

Ideal for individual training and group settings in clinic and practice. Usable for many patients in the specialties of neurology and geriatrics.

Intensive training with high motivation

"The THERA-Trainer senso is extremely versatile and ensures enthusiastic patients as well as therapists in our practice. With the inviting nature of the THERA-Trainer senso, even hard-to-motivate patients can benefit from evidence-based training."
Sabine Lamprecht
HSH Lamprecht GbR
Physiotherapist, M.Sc. Neurorehabilitation

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