Costs of critical care​

Early mobilisation is associated with economic improvements

Understanding costs of critical care

Intensive care units are a costly resource. Over the past decade, annual critical care costs have increased an average of 92%. The todays costs represent approximately 14% of total hospital costs, 4% of national health expenditures, and 0.7% of gross domestic product.

The positive clinical outcomes associated with early mobility interventions can translate to economic benefits – also for your hospital.

Financial implications of early mobilisation

Early mobilisation can reduce ICU and hospital length of stay. Recent clinical research suggest that implementing an early mobility protocol may lead to a potential cost saving of average 7% for critical care per patient. 

For a hospital with 1000 yearly ICU admissions the total net present value of an early mobility program exceeds $2.3m over a seven-year time horizon.

Calculate your potential savings

You are only three steps away from your individual cost benefit analysis. Answer the following questions about your ICU to see the potential savings gained from creating an early mobility program. Don‘t worry if you don’t know the exact numbers. We’ve provided some research-based benchmarks to help you along the way.

How many ICU admissions do you have per year?
(Numbers represent small, medium, large ICUs)
What is the average length of stay for patients in your ICU?
(Benchmark average 3 – 6.5 days)
What is your average daily cost per patient in the ICU?
(Benchmark USD 1600,-)
USD ,-
Based on your answers, implementing an early mobility program could result in annual savings of between:

Disclaimer: Predicting the potential cost savings of implementing an early ICU mobility program is a complex process that can only be determined through a thorough evaluation of your individual ICU. This calculator is for informational purposes only and is not intended for decision making. We would be happy to consult with you in person and assist you with the assessment for further decision making.

How to make it work for Clinicians

Check out our guide to early mobility as an intervention and learn how to implement.

Why early mobilisation matters

Learn why early mobilisation in ICU is an important measure für patients and hospital

How Technology can help

See which technologies can support to move patients as early as possible – already in bed.

Wake up, get up and get out!

Shorter length of stay in the ICU and hospital, more independent at hospital discharge – early mobilisation in the ICU improves outcomes and is also safe.
Sabrina Grossenbacher-Eggmann
Physiotherapist, MSc, Therapy Expert
Institute for Physiotherapy at Inselspital, the University Hospital of Bern, Switzerland.